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Commercial VS Office Locksmith in Las Vegas, NV

Is there a difference between a commercial locksmith and an office locksmith? The answer is yes and no. They both deal with businesses, but an office locksmith obviously deals with offices. Offices tend to be one room or multiple rooms inside a larger space. They tend to have multiple people working in them all with their own spaces to secure. Offices also tend to house documents and not merchandise - making them have a different need for security. The following areas are concerns and solutions for an office locksmith.

Consider the office lock and key. When you have office locks you need office keys made. Inevitably someone loses their key and an office key copy must be made. Most offices would like to avoid this scenario. How can they? There actually is an easy solution to this common problem. Just do away with keys. How can you make your office safe and secure if you can't lock it you may ask? You can secure an office space without a traditional lock and key.

Offices would be better served by looking at code access or badge access systems. An office locksmith that is current with technology can assist in these areas. With code access entries all you need is a key pad to open doors similar to what you may have for a garage door remote fail safe. All you need to do is give your employees the current code. When an employee leaves you can just change the code. Badge access is similar, but the code is built into the badge which is swiped to open and close doors. When staff changes, access can be deactivated. Both these technologies can be used for external and internal doors.

Desks and file cabinets are a concern for offices. Locks and keys are still required for these though they can be kept in restricted access areas that can be access with a code or badge. Safes fall into this category too. An office locksmith can deal with all of these security issues. Keeping mail secure in an office is also important. A mailbox locksmith can offer mailbox locksmith services that can keep mail secure while it is in the office or while it is outside the office waiting to be picked up. An office can also consult with their local post office locksmith to help secure the mail.

Besides office locks an office locksmith can also install office alarms. Typically they are part of the key-less entry systems that are installed that we discusses. Also an office locksmith can install video surveillance systems in offices. This has become an area that is growing. Video cameras can be installed in offices in ways that most people would never notice that they are there. They can be installed outside as well and linked to monitors on the inside the same way interior cameras are. If you are a business office that deals with confidential documents, cameras are a good way to keep them secure.

When it comes to office locksmiths they can cover many of the same areas that a general commercial locksmith does. Generally, they deal with interior security concerns as opposed to the external one a commercial locksmith may deal with like gates and parking lot locks. One thing they both have in common though is that they may be called upon to deal with an emergency.

Emergency services for offices usually come when a lock does not work properly. This usually requires a tweak to a code or badge access system. Of course there are still plenty of keys that can be lost or broken. They still need to be copied or repaired, so the traditional duties of an office locksmith live on.

Hiring an office locksmith for your office security needs will ensure that you get specialized service. Let them plan and upgrade your security system so that your office, employees, and business are safe and secure.