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It is a service you never want to think about, but glad that it is available: the locksmith. Needing one brings up so many emotions: frustration, anger, insecurity, and fear. Any one of these can cover how you feel if you lock yourself out of your car or home. They also come up if you have experienced a break in of your car or home. We understand all these emotions at Locksmiths Las Vegas and can help you work through them with our service.

Las Vegas can be a crazy town. It is exciting. Bright lights, flashing lights, a never ending party. It can also be a scary place if you are locked out of your car late at night. You just want someone to help you and that is where we come in. Locksmiths Las Vegas knows the importance of “anytime, anywhere” service. We have the emergency, 24 hour service that you come to expect when you call a locksmith. Call us and a mobile unit arrives quickly to get you in your car and on your way safely. We don't just do this for your car. We can come to your home or office and get you in at night or in and out of the hot Las Vegas heat. Of course that is not all we can do.

Once thing we do, and we do it well, is install and replace locks. If you have a new home we can install the locks that will keep it safe. If you have had a break in or a break up and you need your locks changed, we can do that within 24 hours. If you have an office, we can secure it and all other rooms in your business. We'll talk about those options in more detail later. If your locks aren't your problem but a key is, then Locksmiths Las Vegas can help you with that too. We can copy keys or re-key a lock for you very quickly. When it comes to locks and keys, we cover it all.





There is a lot of money in Las Vegas and a lot of businesses that deal in money and valuable items. As Las Vegas Locksmiths, we are available to keep these things secure.

We also have safes and we can install them. We also have surveillance systems and alarm systems to help you monitor activities at and around your business. We have gate controls and intercom systems that allow you the ability to keep people off your property and to allow access when you want. Finally, we are on the cutting edge of keyless access technology. Let us protect your business with all these services. We can also provide these services for your home - which is a request we get more and more every day in Las Vegas.


Living in Las Vegas is different than living in any other city. That being said, it can also be very much like any other place with the same kind of issues we all experience from time to time. If you experience issues related to what a locksmith can do for you, then call us at Locksmiths Las Vegas. We are here to serve our community.