Jimmy Proof Locks

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Jimmy Proof Locks

The Jimmy proof lock is a lock that simply improved on the dead bolt lock by making it “jimmy proof”. Jimmying is a common term that came from the Jemmy tool that burglars would use to force open locks. They are usually oval in shape and one side, usually the side attached to the door is flat. This flat side has a bolt that can be shifted into position in the strike plate embedded in a door frame so as to perform the action of locking up a door. This type of lock is very secure because when one is on the side of the door that they are locked out on, there is no lock present to “jimmy/jimmy” so as to open the lock without a key. These locks also have the advantage of being attachable on practically any side of the door. You can obtain the Jimmy Proof Locks from some of the best security product manufacturers in the market like Yale, Assa and American Locks.