Intercom System

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Intercom System

Intercommunication systems, also known as intercoms, are communication systems that allow occupants of a building to talk to persons outside who want access into the building. They are similar to telephones but have the difference of not relying on telephone networks. These systems will come as a set of two with one being installed inside the building for the occupants to use while the other is outside the building at the point of entry. The main components on the intercom will be a mouthpiece for talking into and a speaker via which the voices of the parties communicating can be heard. Intercom systems from industry leading security system manufacturers like Assa, Schlage and Kwikset nowadays provide features like: • Inbuilt camera and monitors for viewing people at the door. • One push button systems to allow access into the building via control over door latches. • Panic alarm. • Independent power source allowing operation in power outages.