Magnetic Locks

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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are also known as electromagnetic locks as they rely on electricity to function by creating an electromagnetic field. They are also called maglocks for short. There are two major components that make up the magnetic locks. These are the electromagnetic part and the armature plate. The former is installed onto the frame of the door while the latter goes onto the actual door to be locked. By passing an electric current through the electromagnetic component, an electromagnetic field is either created or disrupted thus achieving the function of locking the door or opening it. There are two types of magnetic locks that you can choose from coming from manufacturers like American Locks, Medeco and Yale:

  •  Fail Safe Magnetic Locks – This type of lock is secured by passing an electric current through them to create a magnetic effect that holds the two lock components tightly together.
    • Fail Secure Magnetic Locks – This type of lock is always magnetically secure when the current is off and releases open the door when electricity passes through them.