Mortis Cylinder

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Mortis Cylinder

 Mortise cylinders get their name because they are cylindrical in shape and fit into a mortise lock. The main purpose of the cylinder in these locks is to do the actual unlocking or unlocking of the lockset when you turn your key.
  • These cylinders make one of the four crucial parts of a mortise lock. The first part is the lock body which is the entire case into which all the lock pieces fit into and is installed into the door. The second part is the lock trim which is the handle that we use to open the door. The third part is the strike plate which makes for the solid case that a bolt will slide into securing a lock. The mortise cylinder provides the mechanism that allows the bolt to be slid in and out of the strike plate.
    • The Mortise cylinders can be obtained from world leading manufacturers like Assa, American Locks and Yale.