Multlock cylinder

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Multlock cylinder

· Multlock cylinders are a market leader when it comes to boosting security in various residential and business premises. All multlock cylinders have been assessed to be of ANSI Grade 1 and nothing else meaning that you get the most secure cylinders in the world. The security of these cylinders comes from the ever improving features being included like anti-bump design and tough materials that can resist tampering. These cylinders can be used in your door, cabinets and vending machines to make your locks as secure as it can get. Multlock has made sure to patent all their key control options so that you do not have to worry about somebody out there having a similar design that can open your locks. Another added advantage of the multlock cylinders is that they can be installed into quite a wide variety of locksets like Assa, Yale and Schlage. This is so that you do not have to do without the top security simply because your lockset is from a different manufacturer.