Pad Locks

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Pad Locks

Padlocks are a type of lock that you can easily carry from one place to another to secure your items or property against theft. They come in different sizes and strength depending on the intended security purpose. For example, there are tiny padlocks that can be used to lock up a box the size of your palm and there are larger stronger padlocks that can secure 15 foot tall gates. The strength of the padlocks is mainly determined by the type of metal used apart from just the size. Before you buy a padlock, you can easily find out the resistance it has to vandalism by looking at the ratings given by various organizations. You can get the best padlocks from companies such as Assa, Yale and Kwikset. Some features you can expect to see from various padlocks today include:

  • Keyless mechanism – Enter code or adjust combination
  • Integrated locking mechanism
  • Flexible shackles