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Shlage Locks

  • With over 90 years of industry leading quality, Schlage locks have come to be a common name when it comes to choosing different types of locks for the home or business premises. When it comes to the Schlage deadbolt locks, they boast of the anti-pick shield that prevents burglars from inserting their picking tools to reach the pins. The exterior of the locks are also made with one piece so there are no loopholes to tamper with. To make sure that your key’s condition will not quickly deteriorate, the keyways of the locks are all plated so that they do not eat away at your key. Schlage is also paving the way when it comes to electronic lock systems with their touchpad keyless entry being one of the first in the world. All of the locks made by Schlage are either ANSI Grade 1 or 2 when it comes to their security rating.