Kwikset Smart Key Locks

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Kwikset Smart Key Locks

The Kwikset Smart Key locks are paving the way in new generation locks that give users the freedom of having electronic deadbolts. These deadbolts are just as tough as their predecessors only more secure as they do not require any keys for access rights. This prevents any picking by burglars. Access rights are granted to users by use of a code decided upon by those who required the locks installed. To gain access into a room or building, a user is required to enter this code via a numbered or lettered keypad. The lock can then automatically lock itself once the user has gone through the door or the user can lock it up at the push of a button in impending danger.

Features of the Kwikset Smart Key Locks:

  •  Push button locking
  • Entry code access
  • 5 second rekeying
  • Added security from side locking bars
  • Bump proof technology
    • Easy installation