Medeco Deadbolt

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Medeco Deadbolt

Medeco deadbolt locks have fast become the first choice in deadbolt locks and are usually referred to as ‘uncrackable’ for being almost impossible to pry open. There are 5 deadbolt ranges from Medeco with each being just as good as the next but with varying features. One can choose from the Maxum deadbolt, 14 series deadbolt, Logic deadbolt, logic residential deadbolt and the residential deadbolt. Some of the great features that appeal to customers are:

  • Key control
  • E-cylinders
  • Grade 1 & Grade 2 Offerings
  • Hardened steel inserts
  • Aesthetically pleasing finished designs in varying hues and materials like Brass
  • Free turning collars
  • Scheduling of access
  • Ease of installation
  • Ease of use

The above are just some of the features one can get from the Medeco deadbolt depending on the model chosen. One quality that all the models have in common however is a rating of Grade 1 or 2 ANSI standards.