Panic Device

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Panic Device

As the name suggests, the panic device (also commonly referred to as a panic bar), is installed on doors to allow people to make a quick exit from a room or building in case of an emergency. Their design takes into account the urgency people have to get outside in case of a fire or similar panic situation. You will find them in schools, hospitals and large public buildings where the uttermost safety is a priority. The panic device is made in a simple durable design that will function for years without the need for maintenance so that there is no doubt of a sure exit in times of emergency. They are easy to locate even in poor visibility due to their large and long nature. All that an occupant has to do is push on the bar and the door is quickly released open away from the exiting occupant. They are provided by leading companies such as Yale, American Locks and Kwikset.


  • Durable materials
  • Pressure sensitive for effortless use
  • Easy operation
  • Dog down feature also known as ‘unlockable mode’ allowing them to always be opened from inside while being locked to outsiders.