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Did you know that 500,000 people live in Las Vegas? Most people think that Las Vegas is a tourist town. Of course people have to live here year round. Who else would work at the casinos, bars, restaurants and shows? We are actually a thriving traditional city underneath all the bright lights - with communities full of people living normal lives. Local businesses service this part of Las Vegas every day. Businesses like Discount Las Vegas Locksmiths. Our name says it all. 


So what's in a name? Let's look at ours. Las Vegas is our kind of town. This is a town that never sleeps and neither do we. We offer the classic service that you have come to expect from a locksmith: 24 hour emergency service. Our mobile locksmiths respond to the call day or night when you have a lock emergency. But that is not all we do for our Las Vegas neighbors. We cover basic locksmith services, but we also offer so much more than you may expect. Let Discount Las Vegas Locksmiths educate you on the modern day commercial locksmith.


Here are the basic services you think of that a locksmith offers. Las Vegas Locksmiths has staff that can get you into your locked car. We can get you into your locked residence or office too. We also can make keys and change or install locks. If it has a lock we can install it, change it, or open it. Besides making keys we can also re-key. All these services can be scheduled or be served as an emergency depending on your situation.


We install intercom systems. This could be for your home so you can keep in touch from room to room or for your business from office to office. We install surveillance systems for homes and businesses. These systems are a further measure of security that goes hand in hand with lock systems. We complete this security by also installing alarm systems. If you live in or have a business in Las Vegas, there is no reason to not have a secure location.

And speaking of lock systems, Las Vegas Locksmiths installs more than just the traditional lock. The latest lock systems that businesses are using are access control systems. These are keyless systems that help employers control access to their businesses and to areas within. This is the wave of the future in security for companies in and outside of Las Vegas.


Some miscellaneous services that Las Vegas Locksmiths offers involve gates and safes. Access control, intercoms, and video surveillance are all services that can be installed on a security gate for homes or businesses. Safe installation and safe opening are services you might not think of immediately for a locksmith, but we are in Las Vegas after all. You have to keep your winnings secure.


Residents of Las Vegas support your local businesses. Not just the casinos and the shows, but the basic every day businesses too. Las Vegas Locksmiths is just that business. We work hard every day, 24 hours a day for our neighbors. If you need to make your home or company more secure, we are there. If you get locked out, we are there. If you need locksmith services involving a lock or a key, we are there. Trust a company like ours that has the up-to-date technology for all your locksmith needs.