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Chances are you have heard of Las Vegas, but what do you really know about it? You may not have heard of Locksmith Las Vegas NV, but we are going to change all that. Here are a few fun facts about Las Vegas, Nevada, to start with:

  • There are approximately 197,144 slot machines here.
  • Visitor per year total approximately 36.7 million people.
  • There are 124,270 hotel rooms in the city.
  • There are on average 315 wedding performed here every day.
  • It costs $450.00 to file for divorce here.

These are some of the interesting things about a city with quite a reputation. I bet you don't think of it as being a city where people actually live, work, and raise families though. Here are some facts related to that side of Las Vegas:

  • There are 500,000 residents of Las Vegas.
  • There are on average 60,000 people moving here each year.
  • Percentage of voters registered in the city is 42.2.
  • Apartment rent is around $652.22.

When you have a community like this, you need local businesses to serve them. That is what we do at Discount Locksmith Las Vegas, NV. We offer a wide variety of services that you may have come to expect from a locksmith as well as ones you may not have thought of. These are the most common services:

  • emergency locksmith service
  • 24 hour locksmith service
  • automobile locksmith service
  • residential locksmith service
  • commercial locksmith service.

At Discount Locksmith Las Vegas, NV, we provide all these and more. Within these services we provide products and have the staff to perform installation and replacement of them. We do this with the following products:

  1. locks
  2. keys
  3. intercoms
  4. video surveillance cameras
  5. gates
  6. keyless entry access systems
  7. safes
  8. alarms.

If it deals with security then Discount Locksmith Las Vegas, NV, deals with it. We can set up a security evaluation of your home or business and come up with the best solution to help you secure your location. We can design a system from simple lock installation all the way to a video and audio monitoring system. It all depends on what you want. We have the latest in security technology. Of course we offer the more traditional locksmith services that you have come to depend on from a service like ours. That means that if you lock yourself out of your apartment, house, or car we will come to your rescue. If you lose a key and you need a new one made (or the locks it went to replaced) then we are also the ones to call. That is where our 24 hour locksmith Las Vegas emergency service comes in. It is what we are known for at Discount Locksmith Las Vegas, NV. I hope you now know a little more about Las Vegas than you did before. But mostly I hope that if you need locksmith services here in Las Vegas you immediately think of Discount Locksmith Las Vegas, NV. We really are the locksmith leaders in Las Vegas. A town famous for its tourist exploits, but built on the hard work of its citizens.