What You Need To Be a Commercial Locksmith in Las Vegas, Nevada

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If you want to be a commercial locksmith you need to keep a few things in mind. First you need to figure out what being a commercial locksmith entails. Then you need to decide if being that type of locksmith is what you want to specialize in or if you want to also include residential and automotive areas to your business.

Whether you decide to be a commercial locksmith company alone or as part of an overall locksmith company you then need to decide if you want to venture into security. Security involves more than just locks and keys. It involves alarms and surveillance equipment. Many commercial locksmiths are moving into this area and it is one that can be lucrative. Being a security locksmith licensed to install alarms and surveillance can really expand your business.

Before we consider security locksmith services let's take a look at the more traditional locksmith services commercial that you would need to offer. Installation, maintenance, and repair are the three key areas that you will be called upon to perform. For commercial locations you will be dealing with entrances and exits both internal and external, as well as securing other areas of a business.

There is the obvious door with a lock and a key that has been the traditional way to keep a business secure. Locks need to be installed and keys need to be made and copied. There is new technology that replaces this standard method of security and a commercial locksmith shop needs to stay current to compete in the marketplace.

There are new key-less entry systems to allow employees and clients access to a business. There are two main categories when it comes to these key-less systems, code entry and badge entry. Code entry allows an employer to change a code whenever needed to allow employees entrance to the business. This way if an employee is terminated the entry can have its access code changed. This is far easier than changing locks and distributing new keys. Badge entry is basically the same concept only with a code built into each badge given to employees and visitors. When that employee leaves the company their badge can be deactivated. These two forms of key-less entry are fast replacing the old lock and key access when it comes to commercial locations.

Key-less entry can be used for main entry ways and also inside a location. This allows and employer to limit access to certain areas within their business to selected employees. This is great for areas that hold sensitive or confidential documents. Locked filing cabinets and desks are still valuable and can be serviced by a commercial locksmith, but they can also use key-less access to secure the rooms that file cabinets and desks are in. Safes also fall under the jurisdiction of locksmiths and they can also be kept in secure rooms.

But let's get back to security locksmith commercial services for a moment. Most businesses want to keep their location secure for their employees and clients. Alarms and surveillance can help them do this. Businesses can hire a security firm, but would be better served if their locksmith services commercial representative could offer the same services that those other firms offer. Being able to install and maintain alarm systems will make your locksmith services more valuable. If you add video surveillance into the equation, then your commercial locksmith company turns into a full service security company.

As a locksmith or someone thinking about becoming a locksmith you need to decide what type you are going to be. You can choose to be a residential, automotive, or commercial locksmith or be a combination of the three. Make sure though that in any combination that you are an emergency locksmith company since most people need locksmith jobs done without notice.

If you are looking to become a business owner look into becoming a locksmith company. No matter what area you venture into your services will always be needed. Just remember that the locksmith business is always changing and it is important to keep current with the marketplace to be successful.