Being a Commercial Locksmith in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Being A Commercial Locksmith In Las vegas NV

What does a commercial locksmith do? If you are like me you said they install locks. This is actually true, but there is more to this type of locksmith. When I inherited my grandmother's diner I discovered that a residential locksmith will not due when it comes to a business. In my quest for the right commercial locksmith company I discovered what they have to offer and that they are not all created equal.

Where I live there are quite a few residential locksmiths who dabble in locksmith services commercial. For minor jobs they are worth looking into. For larger jobs you need one that specializes in business security. I will use my grandmother's diner as an example to better show what a commercial locksmith can do for you.

With a business you need to be concerned with your entrances and exits. With the diner we have a front door for customers and a back door for deliveries. Security locksmith services can help you decide what kind of lock you need. You can go with a simple lock and key or you can get more elaborate. For example with the diner I opted for a keypad lock for the back door/delivery entrance. This is where my employees come in so I can change the code as staff change. For the door I went with a lock and key since we only open it during business hours.

The neighborhood that the diner is in is not the best I have to admit. Since we are open twenty four hours I made the decision to secure our parking lot. Security locksmith commercial services cover surveillance as well. They can install cameras anywhere in or out of your business. I had a few cameras installed on the parking lot and one that monitors the front door and one in the back. I think it makes my customers and my staff feel safer.

A good commercial locksmith shop should always be an emergency locksmith company. For a business like mine that is open 24/7 it helps to do business with a company that can respond anytime I may need them. My staff has been known to mess up the keypad in the middle of the night so it is good to have a company that can come out at anytime.

With any business like mine you need a place to keep your money safe. Safes and registers are required and a security locksmith licensed for safes is the way you want to go. Our safe is another area that an emergency locksmith has had to be called in for. Good help is sometimes hard to find.

When going into business for yourself either by starting one from scratch or taking one over like I have, you need to partner with other local businesses for their services. I use local produce sources for ingredients for my dishes. For security I use a local commercial locksmith.

I used the locksmith to better secure my business assets. I used them to secure the diner itself as well as its surroundings. I used them to make sure that my cash is safe during business hours and if I have a staff turnover, I have an easy way to change eliminate access they had to the business. And finally I use them continuously for updates as well as for emergencies. They are my emergency locksmith company.

Now when I consider the topic of commercial locksmiths I think more than locks and keys. I think of a partner in my business. I think of them as my security consultants and my first line of defense against theft and vandalism. Make sure that you look into all that a commercial locksmith has to offer. I like when I learn something new. I really like when I learn something new that I can use to enhance my business. I also like when I can pass on what I know.