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Discount Locksmith Las Vegas

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Commercial Locksmith Las Vegas

As a business ourselves, we at Discount Locksmith Las Vegas completely understand the diverse lock and security needs of a thriving Las Vegas business. We know that there are several essential security issues that ever Commercial Locksmithsuccessful business must address:

  1. High Quality Security Locks
  2. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  3. Key Assignment Policy
  4. Emergency Las Vegas Locksmith Contact

High Quality Security Locks:

As a business you will need high quality security locks on your doors, windows, and garages. However, you will also want these same quality security locks on many of your inner doors as well. Occasionally a business may miss this vital security precaution – only to call us to install them after some mishap or theft. Our profession business locksmiths can provide a free evaluation and estimate as well as quality installation and repair.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):

Closed circuit television, or CCTV, is a great crime deterrent for both your property and your business in general. Not only does it help prevent theft, but also vandalism and trespassing. In the event that you actual have any legal trouble, a CCTV system can be the difference between nothing being done and swift justice. We offer many different CCTV packages – please allow us to give you an evaluation and recommendation.


Key Assignment Policy:15

This policy is to help your business establish a set, organized system of key allocation. This type of policy will vastly reduce your risk to mishap. Does every employee need a key to every lock? Are there differing security and/or trust levels that you have within your office infrastructure? By devising and sticking to a set key assignment policy, your business will not only be more organized, but safer as well.

Emergency Las Vegas Locksmith Contact:

Similar to having the emergency contact numbers for the police and fire department, be sure that all employees have the contact information for your locksmith in las vegas.