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Watch For Locksmith Scams in Las Vegas!



The most common thing that happens all over the world is scams and locksmiths are no exceptions to this. There are many illegitimate locksmith companies in Las Vegas that it is difficult to spot them. It is very important to hire a genuine locksmith so as to protect oneself from scams as hiring a locksmith is a simple task but hiring the right kind of locksmith is the most difficult one.


Many people only think of a locksmith only when they lock themselves out of their homes or they lost their key or in situations where their homes were victims to burglary. It is in such situation where one should be even more careful before hiring the services of a locksmith. This should never be done in haste as it may cause more harm than good.


So, what should one do to protect themselves for Locksmith scams in Las Vegas? The first step is to calm down as this helps the person in making a sensible decision. Advice of friends and family will always help during such time and helps you overcome the problem sooner. The locksmith should never be called before calming down as these are situations when scams are prone to be more and even before one recovers from one shock they get another hard blow in the form of scam by the locksmith.


Even after hiring the services of a locksmith one must be alert all the time.


Let us now look at some of the danger signals that lead to locksmith scams in Las Vegas:


It is very important to see whether the contact number of the locksmith is a local number or not. In case it is a toll free number or some unknown code than chances are that you may not be actually taking to hire a locksmith.


The next important step is to make sure to get the address of the locksmith company. This makes sure that the company is indeed a local one.


There are some locksmiths in Las Vegas who offer mobile locksmith services but they will not have a local office. It is better to keep away from such locksmiths as one cannot be sure of their intentions.


A registered locksmith company also comes in a registered vehicle and their employees also have an identification card. They would also have their business cards and a duty sheet that contains the details of the discussion their representative had with you. If these are not present then, it may not be a genuine company and hence one needs to avoid them.

Generally the representative with whom you had a conversation would be able to tell you how much the services would cost. If the cost is not mentioned it is better to avoid them as there is no guarantee how much they would charge after the service is done.


Irrespective of what happens it is always advisable to get quotes from at least 3 different locksmiths just to be sure about the pricing. With all the above mentioned information one can protect themselves for Locksmith scams.



Choosing a Door Is Not Less Important Than Locks

Everybody wants their homes and work places to be secure. For this purpose they spend a lot of money on installing many security features like alarms, close circuit cameras,electronic locks and many more. These features do make the premises secure but at the same time it is also extremely important that the doors used for the homes and offices are also of good quality. 

It is not surprising to say that doors are the most overlooked and something that is taken for granted. Doors are slammed and banged on a regular basis by every individual and very little efforts are spent on taking care of them. But, even to install the high end security system, we require doors. Every part of a home or office has a door – main entrance door, garage doors, side doors, every place has a door. Doors not just safeguards our homes but it also keeps people from looking what is inside.

Door along with locks provide good amount of security. It has been noticed that during break-ins it is not the door that is broken down by the intruders but the whole frame comes away. So, if the door frame is sturdy, then along with the lock it provides ample security to the place. There is no use in spending money on high end security system if the door frames are weak as they are no way helpful in making the place secure.


Some people prefer fancy looking doors for their homes like glass doors. When such doors are fixed as main doors it does not provide any kind of security. It is very easy for the intruder to break-in by shattering the glass.


Let us now look at some tips to follow while choosing the doors especially for homes:


  • The entrances of the homes should also be fixed with doors that are madeof solid wood or metal. These are the doors that provide maximum security and are not easy to break either.
  • The main entrance door should definitely have a peephole. If the door does not have one then it has to be installed. The peephole should be mounted at 58 inches distance from the floor.
  • The screws of the door should be of heavy duty and should penetrate deep into the frame of the door. The strike plate is said to be the weakest part of the door and cheap door generally come with soft molding of wood here which makes the door weak. Such door fall apart at one strong kick and hence should be avoided. It is important that the strike plates are strong as this the place where the bolt secures the door with the door frame.
  • It is also important that the screws of the door hinges are at least three inches and two screws are present for every hinge plate. The screws that hold the knobs should also be longer that those of the strike plate.

An experienced burglar can also differentiate between a strong door and a weak door. So, it is equally important to have strong doors apart from high end locks in order to make our homes and offices secure.



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